Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn

 Isaiah 60:3

Ministry testimonies and feedback

'Those who are 'chained', are truly being set free by this ministry.'

'Thank you very much for your teaching on Seamless Faith. I was so encouraged and it resonated deeply where I am in my walk with our Lord.  I was also humbled and inspired by your testimony.'

'I can definitely recommend Karen for deliverance and healing...  I have never looked back.  Thank you Lord.'

'Thank you, you have helped me to know that I can overcome anything, with Jesus on my side.'

'Your ministry has profoundly impacted my life.  The power of the Holy Spirit working through you, has brought me immense freedom from past bondage's.'

'Karen is an amazing woman who works through the Light of the Lord.  With her guidance and strength, I crawled my way back onto my feet from a deep black hole! I survived (as Karen survived) and her inspirational talks will justify her willpower to continue to do God's work.'

'You are truly gifted by God, to share the Word in marvelous ways.'

'Thank you Lord for speaking so powerfully through Karen.'

'I was experiencing extreme pain in both of my shoulders and had previously resorted to cortizone injections. As Karen laid hands on me, I felt the heat of the power of the Holy Spirit permeate into my body, resulting in both my shoulder injuries being healed and I was completely free from all pain!'

'God has really touched me through Karen's ministry.'  

'Karen has a God given gift.  After my father's suicide, my mother's illness and death,I was broken.  Add corporate pressure into the mix as well - I was desperate.  Karen literally put me back together.  I had to confront issues.  As a recovering alcoholic with 13 years of sobriety, I also had to be vigilant about not returning to alcohol.  Karen guided me, prayed for me and with me.  Karen helped me to heal.  She is gentle and a very precious lady to me.' 

'I feel like I'm soaring like a bird.  My mind and understanding is feeling so crisp.  My limitations which  used to stumble over every day are like dead leaves that I can just kick around with my foot.  I really feel like a new person.  The heaviness on my back has lifted.  So thankful to our mighty King!  Thank you Karen, for being the awesome vessel you are for our Lord Jesus.'

'I have attended a couple of Karen's teaching and speaking events and after each event, I have left feeling inspired and encouraged.  I always feel like Karen is speaking directly to me and into my life, as if she knows what I am going through and that I was the only person in the room.'

'Karen has a unique gift and I believe God is using her to help people like me and many others to heal and restore their relationship with God and each other.'

'Karen is really easy to talk to and to listen to.  Her Biblical teaching is to the point.  She guides and teaches you without overwhelming you.  I really enjoy soaking in what she has to teach.'

'I take strong pain medicines to help me with the pain I experience from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  After Karen prayed for me all my pain has gone. Praise the Lord.'

'Thank you for your powerful, yet easy to understand analogies and messages.'